Laserlight Core: Projection Bike Light to Ensure Safer Cycling

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If you keep on with the latest technology in the car industry in the last year or two, you should have heard of a feature known as blind spot monitoring. Cars nowadays are equipped with this feature so that it can warn the driver when there are other riders on the left or right. Blind spots are usually not visible in the rearview mirror and the cause of almost 50% accident in the road.

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This feature is good news for cyclists, who are generally the easiest to get into the blind spot of a car driver when they want to overtake the car, especially on a turn. Unfortunately, unlike a three-point seat belt, blind spot monitoring is not yet a standard feature for all cars.


Light one candle rather than curse the darkness

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Rather than making a petition so that all car manufacturers make the blind spot monitoring a standard feature, an alternative way that makes more sense for cyclists is embedded in the device called Laserlight Core. The word “laser” in its name should be an indication that it is not just an ordinary bicycle light.

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this device utilizes laser projection technology to display images at a distance of six meters in front of a fitted bicycle. The picture itself is a green bicycle icon in a size that is quite large, so the driver of the car without a blind spot monitoring can see it easily in the day or night and realize that there is a cyclist beside it.

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As a result, based on a study conducted by the Transport Research Lab in the UK, this projection makes 32% cyclists became more visible on the road. In addition to increasing the visibility next to the car, the projection can also act the same way at a junction or a crossroad.


Easy to Install and Recharge

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For the lights themselves, the maximum brightness level reaches 400 lumens, but there are a number of modes that can be selected as needed for energy efficiency. For the most wasteful consumption (laser projection lights up and lights as bright as 300 lumens).

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The Laserlight Core battery can only last up to 1.5 hours; while for the most economical (without laser projections and flashing lights), the battery lasts up to 41 hours. Laserlight Core can be installed on bicycle handlebar easily, even without using other equipment. This product has also received IP54 certification, which means it can be used during rain and snow.

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Laserlight Core batteries can also be easily recharged using only a standard USB cable, without special cables. Overall, the weight of the device is not more than 100 grams and can now be ordered through the Kickstarter for $ 75.

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