LG V40 ThinQ: the power to capture moments!

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After staying low for quite a while, LG presents an unexpected surprise for all the gadget users. After a long period of silence letting the rumors circulate about the existence of the 5 camera smartphone, the South Korean gadget manufacturer finally released their ultimate product.

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Here comes the LG V40 ThinQ, which has been rumored for sometimes and is ready to be ordered. LG also mentioned quite a lot about the specifications and components that they pinned on the LG V40 ThinQ. The company guarantees that the components utilized are top class, adjusting to the status of the device as a flagship smartphone.


Powerful Processor and Sound

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LG V40 ThinQ has flagship class processing power from “the brain” in the form of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor embedded in it. Then there is also 6GB of RAM that will become the main support for running various applications.

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The next interesting thing is the audio feature that is already a tradition of the LG V-series. As for the LG V40 ThinQ, the users will get a Quad DAC that processes sound before being channeled through the 3.5mm audio port. In addition to that, the processed sound can also be released via the Boombox speaker inside the LG V40 ThinQ.

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Quad DAC itself is a component of sound signal processing made by LG. So far, LG has always developed and embedded it into their LG V-series smartphone. The function of these components is to receive digital signals when the users play music files, then convert them to analog signals and forward them to headphones or speakers.


The Astonishing Camera Setup

Lg V40 Thinq 5

The configuration planned by LG in placing this camera is very interesting. There are 3 camera modules placed on the back of the LG V40 ThinQ and 2 camera modules on the front. Thus the total number of cameras on this smartphone is 5 units. Then each module has a specification and a focal length or different viewpoint,

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On the rear camera, you will find a standard module with a 12 megapixel F / 1.5 camera specification, with a pixel size of 1.4 microns. This number is claimed to be 40 percent larger than the previous LG G7 ThinQ.

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On the super wide angle module, there is a 16-megapixel camera F / 1.9 with a viewing angle of 107 degrees that is identical to the previous LG G7 ThinQ. Then in the telephoto module, we will get a 12-megapixel F2.4 camera that is equivalent to 2x optical zoom from a standard module and can be used to produce portrait photos.

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Then, 2 other cameras are placed on the front as selfie cameras. The two front camera modules have a standard and super wide viewing angle.



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  • Display: 6.40-inch
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
  • Front Camera: 8-megapixel + 5-megapixel
  • Resolution: 3120 x 1440 pixels (537 pixels per inch)
  • Storage Space: 64 GB
  • Ports: USB-C 2.0
  • OS: Android 8.1
  • Rear Camera: 12-megapixel + 16-megapixel + 12-megapixel
  • Battery Capacity: 3300mAh
  • Water Resistance: IP68
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