Soundcore Frames: Find Your Perfect Fit and Style

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Soundcore is Anker‘s sub-brand that specializes in audio. However, their lineup is now expanded with a fashion item no other than, glasses called Soundcore Frames.

Soundcore Frame is the brand’s first-ever smart glasses and wearable device. The word smart here refers to its ability to play audio, not to serve augmented reality content.

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To fulfill its duty, Soundcore Frames relies on a pair of drivers on each stem; one is 25 mm in diameter, the other is 8 mm in diameter. Anker did not forget to embed a number of microphones so that the device can also be used to make calls or accept voice commands.

In addition to via voice commands, the operation can also be done by touching and rubbing the outside of the stem. Overall, the device is splash-proof with an IPX4 certification.

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Soundcore Frames is also boasting its versatility. Instead of offering several variants with different designs, Anker has instead applied a semi-modular design to Soundcore Frames; the two stems can be easily removed from the eyeglass frames.

So instead of buying a completely new unit just to change styles, consumers only need to buy parts of the frame. Much more economical, but at the same time still practical. In order to reach all users, the device is of course also compatible with sized lenses.

Regarding the battery, Soundcore Frames is claimed to last up to 5.5 hours before it needs to be recharged. Charging relies on a special magnetic charger. The gadget can be charged for just 10 minutes, and enough to charge it for 1.5 hours of use.

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Price and Availability

For the US market, Soundcore Frames are marketed with a price tag of $200, while the additional frame (which is available in 10 design variations) is priced at $50 per unit.

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