EVBox Troniq: A New Standard for EV Fast Charging

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The Dutch charging infrastructure provider EVBox presented its fast-charging station EVBox Troniq with up to 50 kW charging power at CES. EVBox Troniq’s user-friendly design makes it suitable for any location and whatever brands the electric car is.

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Its smart power management functions always ensure that you can manage multiple fast chargers inexpensively and energy-efficiently. It is lightning fast, extremely flexible and yet familiar. EVBox Troniq sets a new standard for all fast chargers and – as we mentioned before – is equipped with a powerful load capacity of 50 kW which means that it can charge up to 125 km within 30 minutes.

With the increasing spread of electric cars, EVBox sees a need for charging options with 50 kW charging power. The growing EV market means that “drivers want to be able to charge anywhere, whether at home, at work, at the supermarket, in front of a restaurant or on long journeys to motorway service stations.”

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Thanks to its flexible construction, EVBox Troniq fits perfectly in any place and is suitable for every type of user worldwide. EVBox Troniq is equipped with a pull-out charging cable system, resistant housing, an advanced temperature regulator and components of extremely solid quality.

Plus, with the help of smart queuing, EVBox Troniq always uses the available power responsibly and saves the extra network management costs. The charging point can also communicate online with a back office. This process allows for automatic settlement.

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Besides, the larger touchscreen is said to have increased user-friendliness; the stations are also wheelchair accessible with the lower-mounted display and the slots for the charging plugs. The new cable suspension that automatically pulls the cable in should also contribute to this – this should also increase longevity.

Evbox Troniq 2

The EVBox Troniq supports access restrictions which means that the use of this charging station can be protected with an access pass or RFID key ring. Access restriction prevents charging at the pole without permission. The charging station can also be operated remotely. Its software can also be updated remotely.

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EVBox does not mention prices in the time of release but it should be available worldwide from the 2nd quarter of 2020. The fast-charging stations will be assembled in the factory opened in Bordeaux in November 2019 where EVBox claims to manufacture up to 450 units per month.

Technical specifications

  • Charging capacity: 50 kW
  • Temperature range: -30°C to +50°C
  • Certification: CE standards compliant
  • Connector type: CHAdeMO and CCS2 up to 50 kW/120 A/500 V, AC Type 2 up to 43 kW / 63 A
  • Weight: 350 kg (max.)
  • Dimensions: 920 x 1920 x 465 mm
  • Installation: Floor/ground
  • Output voltage and current: DC: 120 A/500 V AC: 63 A/400 V
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