Mophie Powerstation Go: Portable Car Jump Starter with USB-A Ports and Wireless Charging

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External batteries – or power bank – are almost mandatory accessories today, especially for the biggest users of smartphones and tablets. Mophie is one of the prominent names in the market where the manufacturer regularly unveils new models

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The external battery market is extremely complicated not to say saturated. Most of them are aimed at smartphone or tablet users who often need a little extra juice to end the day, long enough to find a socket to plug into. When you want to recharge a more powerful episode, on the other hand, the choice of possibilities decreases drastically. Mophie saw this and release a particularly interesting model.

Mophie presented a product called Powerstation Go at CES and is not just a power bank. It can also give your car a jump start in an emergency. The small box contains a total of 44,400 mWh of energy, you can then attach the device to the car battery using the supplied terminals.

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Mophie delivers its Powerstation Go with a pair of mini cables in case. In addition to being extremely powerful, the Powerstation Go also includes a wireless charging surface, which allows it to be recharged wirelessly by any Qi-certified device and up to 5W.

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It also has two USB-A ports, for recharging small electronic devices, and its 115 V power socket, for larger devices, such as a laptop. Finally, it also has an LED flashlight. The Mophie Powerstation Go is a practical gadget in case you are out of battery in the middle of nowhere on a moonless night.

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The Powerstation Go is coming with lots of colour option such as black, blue, rose gold, blue/purple, camouflage and gold. The new Mophie Powerstation Go is now available from the official store in some countries, priced at $ 159.95.





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