Jannarelly Design-1: A Design that adapts to your lifestyle

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Jannarell is a carmaker brand that is still not too mainstream. That’s because the brand has just been launched and currently only has one model. For those who don’t know, Jannarelly is a brand and car manufacturer from Dubai that was built by Anthony Jannarelly and Frederic Juillot.

Anthony is a car designer who plays a pivotal role in designing cars for W Motors, such as Lykan, and Fenyr Supersport. Both of them adore the car design of the 60s, so they liked the car from Caterham and Donkervoort. Taking the inspiration from the model, they decided to establish Jannarelly with their debut car called “Design-1”

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This car is the result of the ideas and desires of Anthony and Frederic who want to create a 60s looking car but by utilizing the advantages of today’s components and modern technology. Design-1 is a two-passenger roadster that uses an iron tubular frame and a chassis structured from aluminum panels.

Measuring more or less like the Mazda MX5, Design-1 is inspired by the Le Mans endurance car. The creator originally plans this car for personal projects but after five years of researching. the car was finally released to the public.

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There will only be 499 units of Design-1 and the buyer can design and choose several options provided for the modern classic car. Generally, Jannarelly provides three basic display options, namely with a hard top roof, no roof, and no roof with a short windshield.

By design, this car is a bit reminiscent of the Cobra car made by Caroll Shelby and Ferarri 250 Testa Rossa. The creator added the front grill that was inspired by Caterham.

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The supercar packed a 325 liter V6-powered Nissan V6 engine taken from Nissan Maxima. The transmission uses a 6-speed transverse manual transmission while the shift knob uses aluminum-grade aircraft. Design-1 can reach speeds of 100km / h in about 3.9 seconds and will continue to go up to a top speed of about 217km / h (limited).

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With a weight of only 850kg 325HP can be considered an ideal power for such a small car. Even though it looks small, this car offers a pure driving experience with a more comfortable aspect. Panel attached to the chassis can use one of two available material choices, fiberglass and carbon fiber.

The suspension system uses double wishbones which have been set by the Campos Racing F2 team, Nitron coil overs in front and rear. The braking system is trusted to Wilwood without servo and ABS. And almost all aspects of the Jannarelly Design-1 can be adjusted to suit the customer’s taste.

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Since the beginning of its construction, Jannarelly has focused on making the driver’s cabin more driver-oriented. Focusing more on a simple and functional design, all buttons and switches are made to be easily accessible. The instrument panel that is provided is also the only panel that provides vital information.

The steering wheel and pedals are very adjustable in personality, whether it’s the height or the feedback that the driver will feel. In terms of the material used, Design-1 mostly uses leather and carbon fiber to give a modern impression with a touch of classic design.

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Jannarelly Design-1 is marketed starting from 86,000 Euros, the price can be higher if the customer chooses to pair some of the features or options offered by the carmaker.

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