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Vandal Cars is one of the automotive manufacturers whose names are rarely heard. This is expected because this company has deliberately kept everything a secret, even the launch of this brand was done secretly.

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Senior VP of Vandal Cars, Jeremy Sutton, said that they had created an impressive performance car for race fans on the track. Jeremy claimed that this car is a car that is very close to F1-kind. The difference, the ability of a car that is classified as superior can be felt not only by the drivers but also for other car lovers.

This achievement has succeeded because of a series of people behind the scenes who were former engineers from McLaren, Lotus, Lola, and Mazda. By using all smart engineering and hardware tactics, which are seen in top-class sports cars, and Vandal One is a car with serious intentions.

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The entire car is built on monocoque carbon material and flat carbon fiber front and rear which also functions as part of aerodynamics. On the back side of the driver is a Civic Type R engine.

After being tuned up, the energy released reaches 340 HP with a weight of only 553 kg which means only 39% of the weight of Type R. With this combination, the power to weight ratio is 3.59 pounds per HP.

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Just like the Formula One cars, the engine and gearbox which adopted Sadev’s six-speed sequential paddle shifter with a displacement duration of 40 milliseconds are integrated with the rear suspension. This also includes the luxurious Pushrod suspension which can be lifted hydraulically to provide a five-inch higher distance to drive on ordinary roads.

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The sway bar can also be adjusted, like the JRi damper, allowing the driver to change the hard settings or the sockets settings. Or, if the driver wan, Vandal offers a circuit setting service for settings, data analysis that include an onboard telemetry package that sends chassis and engine data directly to the Cloud Vandal server and driver training.

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Unlike Mono and Caterham 620R BACs where you need a softback snake and elastic body to enter, Vandals have a design that is slightly more accommodating with aerodynamic packs that are guided by CFD so that the body panels are completely interchangeable.

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By applying this approach, the car can still maintain the extraordinary chassis and engine but still be relevant to the style or at least keep abreast of its aerodynamic progress.

Vandal One is priced at $ 122,513, but if the potential owner wanted to tick all the specs and features the price is going up to the level of 195,499 which is still quite affordable for a supercar.

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  • Curb Weight: 1221lbs (555kg)
  • Horsepower: 560hp (R), 340hp (Base)
  • Width: 1850mm
  • Wheelbase: 108.1in
  • Front Track: 1560mm
  • Rear Track: 1510mm
  • Monocoque: Carbon Fiber With Fia-Compliant Front, Rear And Side Crash Structures. Fia-Spec Survival Cell With Neck Braces
  • Engine: Honda Performance Development 2.0l Turbo Putting Out 340 To 560 Horsepower Depending On Package.
  • Suspension: F1-Style Pushrod Front And Rear With Jri Adjustable Racing Dampers, Anti-Roll Bars And Custom Spring Rates.
  • Wheels & Tires: Optional 18×10″ Front Wheels With 265/35/18 And 18×12″ Rear Wheels With 325/30/18 Pirelli Slicks
  • Body: Carbon Fiber Body With Integrated Aero, Optimized Through CFD. Quick Latching And Removable Sections.
  • Transaxle: Sadev 6 Speed Full Sequential With Paddle Shift System And Autoblipping With 40ms Shifts.  Reverse Gear.
  • Brakes: Monoblock 4-Pot Aluminum Calipers With Vented Rotors. Capable Of Over 2gs Of Braking Force.
  • Data Acquisition: Full Data Acquisition System With 12 Sensors And Optional Camera.
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