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Genesis has just revealed the exterior and interior appearance of its newest electric car technology, the Genesis GV60. The Genesis GV60 will be the first electric car for the Hyundai luxury brand to use the Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP).

In addition to being the first E-GMP electric car, the GV60 will be the smallest SUV in the Genesis line-up based on nomenclature.

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The exterior of the Genesis GV60 is designed with Genesis’ unique ‘small numbers’ design language called “Athletic Elegance.” This design language makes the GV60 look more athletic but still maintains the elegant and luxurious feel of Genesis.

Starting from the front, the Genesis GV60 gets a four-strip design lamp and a Genesis-style Crest Grille which is more sporty. Then for the overall appearance of the body, the Genesis GV60 has a coupe shape that looks very similar to the Kia EV6.

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Now the difference with the Kia EV6 is in the roof profile which is more curved and connects to the back like a Sportback car. Not only the roof, but the Genesis GV60 also comes with overfenders, roof rails, and SUV-style cladding that make it look more athletic than the EV6.

The stern of the GV60 has a rounded design with windows larger than the EV6, a low spoiler, and Genesis-style four-strip taillights.

Inside, the Genesis GV60 has an interior design that combines luxurious materials and the interior modernity of the E-GMP electric car.

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Face Connect technology is one of two biometric systems confirmed to be present on the Genesis GV60, the other being the Fingerprint Authentication System.

The main purpose of this technology is to reduce the use of keys that are often difficult for certain activities. The main feature of the Face Connect Genesis GV60 system is the Near Infra-Red (NIR) camera which has recognition capabilities even at night.

Genesis also presents a very unique transmission system, the Crystal Ball. Instead of using the transmission lever, rotary, or button, Genesis actually provides a shiny crystal ball that sits between the driver and passenger in the first row. Genesis named the transmission system Crystal Sphere Shifter.

When the car has not been started, the Crystal Sphere Shifter only appears in the form of a clear crystal ball. However, as soon as the engine was started, the crystal ball that had been clear immediately changed color.

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The carmaker is still keeping a lot of more detailed specification secret but everything will be announced in the coming months as the company plan to release the car in 2022.

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