Google Clips: Your New Way to Capture Little Ones and Big Moments

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One of the best cameras come from Google, it is called Google Clips. Google Clip is your simple camera to capture all moments with an easy way to save and share them. You can even capture motion photos of the last several seconds without an audio. With the awesome design and lens technology, Google Clips is a small camera with big things for you.

Technical Specifications

Google Clips 9

Google Clips is a light camera. The weight is only about 60.5 grams with its portable design. This small camera is also a kind of long-lasting camera with up to 3 hours of awesome capture. You will get a 130-degree field of view, 16 GB storage, and 15 FPS camera.

Google Photos and Pixel

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Using Google Photos and Pixel, you can see your clips and choose the best moments that you have made with this camera. It is very easy to share them directly from Google Photos and creating some photo albums on it. It is also free and unlimited.

No Internet Needed

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You don’t need any internet connection when you use Google Clips to capture all of your best moments. You just need to connect the Clips to your smartphone to check all moments that you have been captured. This feature also makes this camera is safe and secure to your privacy.


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Google Clips has some features that you need from a camera. It has a Corning® Gorilla® Glass, shutter button, and also fast transfer over Wi-Fi Direct ®. This camera is also designed with Bluetooth and 1 USB-C™1.

Familiar Faces Recognizer

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It is very easy for Google Clips to recognize some familiar faces. That’s why it is a simple thing for this camera to learn to capture clips of your family. Google Clips will also pick your dogs or pets in its recognizer system.

Serious Tech

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Google Clips comes with a serious tech inside it. It has lens occlusion detection that can alert your smartphone if it is blocked. With up to 3 hours battery on each smart capture per charge, you can get all best moments that you want.

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