Igloo Kegmate Jockey Box Cooler: Ditch the Bucket and Keep the Keg Dry

Igloo Kegmate Jockey Box Cooler 4

The real party is incomplete without beer, a drink that is the symbol of social gatherings. Recently, a company called Igloo presented their new product in the shape of a jockey box cooler called Kegmate 45 Qt that they claim will let you ditch the bucket and keep the keg dry.

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Igloo Kegmate Jockey Box Cooler got a weight of 7.6 kg and is made of stainless steel with a single cooling faucet, handle taps, rolls, and connections that can be replaced as needed.

The exterior dimensions are around 62.08 cm x 40.33 cm x 41.91 cm which is quite big. The Kegmate 54 Qt can accommodate beer with a capacity of 85 12-ounce cans or about 51-54 liters with an elevated non-metal base material.

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The presence of Kegmate 54 Qt allows you to immediately dispose of buckets or barrels and replace them with jockey boxes cooler that has ideal portability. That way, your dream as a host of a fun party will soon come true, whether to gather together in the backyard or going on special events.

Igloo Kegmate Jockey Box Cooler 4

Igloo pinned various advanced and complete features on their Kegmate 54 Qt. Some of the features that you can get are drain plugs, bottle caps, latches, ultratherm, comfort grips, cooling technology, and stainless steel. With this complete feature, your beer will stay fresh at any time.

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The Igloo Kegmate Jockey Box Cooler is designed with a single faucet, including a chrome faucet with black faucet knob. This jockey box also includes a number of spare rubber grommets to prevent leakage so that your beer stays safe.

In addition, the Kegmate 54 Qt also features a stainless steel shank and an icebox coupler. In order to give the maximum durability, this cooler box has hinges, hooks, and hardware made of premium stainless steel.

Igloo Kegmate Jockey Box Cooler 2

Before using the Kegmate 54 Qt, clean the interior and exterior surfaces and throw away any excess to prevent stains and odors. You can clean dirt or stains with water and mild detergent. After that, make sure all parts have been thoroughly rinsed. Then, wait for the Kegmate Jockey Box Cooler to dry.

Igloo Kegmate Jockey Box Cooler 1

If you want to make your backyard party more fun with the Igloo Kegmate Jockey Box Cooler, get ready to spend $ 399.99. Igloo even goes to length in guaranteeing that you will not be disappointed with their products because it is free from defects in the material. The warranty service will be provided for 1 year after the time of purchase.

  • Capacity : 85 12-oz cans or 54 quarts (51 liters)
  • Weight: 7.6 kgs
  • Exterior Dimensions ( L x W x H ): 62.08 cm x 40.33 cm x 41.91 cm
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