Jiobit Location Monitor: Made for families. Built by parents.

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Jiobit’s GPS tracker for children can be the true gift from heaven for mothers and fathers. Incidentally, while taking care of a child, it’s anything but difficult to veer off track. The Jiobit is intended to control them back on course. It’s a lightweight GPS area tracker that gives parents the genuine feelings of serenity to leave their children.

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Jiobit is the smallest GPS gadget available in the market. The broadly referred GPS is as small as an oreo. It’s very tiny and unquestionably simple to utilize. So If you have a little one who is unreasonably still too small for a cell phone however need to watch, the Jiobit Locator is an ideal option.


There are numerous GPS products available in 2020, however, the Jiobit has explicit highlights that make it incredible for monitoring children. The gadget combined with the GPS device makes this an extraordinary method to monitor children without utilizing a telephone tracker.

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Designed as much for children who wander off as it is for full-on free-rangers, the key-fob sized Jiobit securely attaches to a kid’s clothes ⏤ be it a shoelace, belt, or buttonhole ⏤ thanks to a built-in loop and waistband clip.

– Fatherly

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Parents can just simply place it in their pocket. It’s both stun safe and waterproof. The battery-powered battery of the Jiobit can last for seven days. Despite the fact that relying upon the quality of the cell and Wi-Fi connection, it can get 30 days on a single charge.

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It additionally works like ride-sharing applications in that you can watch the child moving continuously on the map. Parents can also set geofences around spaces like a home or school and get notices when they show up or on the off chance that they veered off.

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Furthermore, for outings to the shopping center or swarmed area, there’s even a portable geofence that encompasses parents and their kids. Also, for included wellbeing, the Jiobit Location Monitor has an alter safe security chip that forestalls hacking or cloning should it fall into inappropriate hands.

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On the off chance that parents need additional significant security, the Jiobit won’t just tell where the child is but the individual they are with. Plus, parents will also get a notification and takeoff warnings so the can confirm if the child has made it to their class or childcare.

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Jiobit works all-inclusive with boundless range, by utilizing various cell systems for the greatest security and following both inside and outside the room. The product is available on sale for $129,99

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