KRGT-1: An Aggressive and Comfortable Motorcycle for Long Distances

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KRGT-1 is a motorcycle from ARCH Motorcycle for you who love to ride aggressively but also comfortable on road for long distances. This motorcycle has been designed with 2018 improvement technologies for the bodywork, brakes, and also the front suspension. KRGT-1 is a stylish motorcycle which is making your fashion looks stylish too.


KRGT 1 1

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KRGT-1 is made from billet and tubular steel frame. This kind of frame is completed with the CNC machined aluminum sub-chassis for the best durability of a motorcycle. The frame makes the whole bodywork looks awesome too.



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This motorcycle has two types of brakes. The front brake is designed with new ISR dual six 30mm piston monobloc radial mount calipers. These calipers are also completed with ISR floating dampened discs. The rear brake is a little bit different. This break has a single ISR four-piston monobloc radial mount caliper complete with the ISR semi-floating disc.



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The long distances of your journey surely need a comfortable ride. That’s why Arch Motorcycle not only offers the best motorcycle with its machines but also a comfortable design of the seat. You can enjoy your ride on the motorcycle seat along with your journey.


V-Twin Engine

KRGT 1 8

KRGT 1 5

KRGT-1 has a V-Twin engine. The proprietary 6-speed drivetrain is completed with the compact dry clutch and compact high torque main-shaft too. The wheels are BST Carbon Fiber 5 with 19 inches for the front and 18 inches for the rear.


Control Options

KRGT 1 6

This motorcycle is also easy to be adjusted. It has control options, a forward control, and a mid control. Those controls are available on KRGT-1 to help you feel more easiness ride. You can also custom this motorcycle as you wish.

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