1s: ARCH’s First Production Single Sided Swingarm Motorcycle

1s Motorcycle 8

ARCH Motorcycle has the first production singe sided swingarm motorcycle called 1s. With the performance cruiser formulation, this sports motorcycle feels more aggressive too. The use of Carbon Fiber and CNC Machined Aluminum make 1s as an elegant race motorcycle ever. Just like all types of motorcycles from ARCH, 1s also can be customed as the owner wishes.


1s Motorcycle 1

1s from ARCH Motorcycle is designed with the best machine and material, including the wheels. This motorcycle has 17 inches BST Carbon Fiber wheels. The BST Carbon Fiber is the best choice for a race motorcycle.


Color Design

1s Motorcycle 2

1s is not only built with one color like black but also designed with the combination of black, red, and white color. You can see this color design especially on the upper part of the motorcycle, the seat and the upper frame.



1s Motorcycle 3

This motorcycle has a similar engine which is used in almost every motorcycle type from ARCH. The V-Twin engine can give you the best motorcycle machine ever complete with the Proprietary 6-Speed Drivetrain too.



1s Motorcycle 5

1s has billet and tubular steel frame for its body frame. This frame is also designed with the sub-chassis and the CNC machined aluminum backbone. The process of designing the frame makes this motorcycle has the best durability.



1s Motorcycle 6

The front brake is ISR dual six 30mm piston Monobloc radial mount calipers. It is not the same with the rear brake. The rear brake is designed with Single ISR four piston Monobloc radial mount caliper which is completed with ISR semi-floating disc.



1s Motorcycle 8

1s Motorcycle 7

The design of 1s will not make you look bad. This motorcycle has a stylish design, not only from the machine and performance but also from its look. 1s will make your fashion looks cool on the long distances, wherever you are.

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