Lampuga Air: Easy to transport. Easy to inflate. Easy to ride.

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For those of you who like surfing, playing on the beaches with pleasant wave sensations, ranging from calm to ferocious will surely bring its own sensation. While preparing for this moment, don’t forget to bring your surfboard.

In the case of you need another sensation of surfing, you can choose Lampuga Air. This one particular surfboard will provide a much more interesting experience in surfing. Plus, it’s electric.

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The exciting and challenging moment in surfing will, of course, attract many beginners to try it. However, it is still very risky for beginners to try out this hobby without preparation. Lampuga will help you navigate the waves easily. The practical design makes this electrical surfboard suitable for beginners.

The user-friendly surfboard offers everyone the fun of playing in the water that is fun and easy regardless of their level of experience. Acceleration can be done by hand so you can control it by sliding your body.

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Not only suitable for everybody but Lampuga Air is the perfect surfboard since it is easy to transport, easy to assemble due to the fact that it is practically speaking is an inflatable surfboard. The 50 kg surfboard has a two-part design, which is crafted for easy transportation and storage.

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With a practical design, you can keep this electrical surfboard without any problem even in limited space. Lampuga Air assembly with a double layer of PVC made it easier so you don’t need a long time to assemble it and can immediately use it.

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Lampuga Air doesn’t just move like other surfboards. This electrical surfboard is designed with advanced technology so that it can travel on the speeds of up to 50km / hour. With this kinda speed, you will feel the real sensation of surfing in the water.

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The Lampuga Air moves with emissions-free electrical technology that is super low in operating costs. So, you can use it as a means of transportation too, like to cross a pier or a small river because it can tackle almost anything.

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A simple plug & play battery system will allow you to recharge the batteries quickly. The battery which weighs around 25 kg can be used for up to 45 minutes. Then, when the battery has run out, you can charge it for 120 minutes to reach 100% capacity.

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Lampuga did took care of all the techie side from their product while also giving the choice of many color variants to choose from. As for the availability, Lampuga Air is currently not available for sale, but will soon be offered at certain rental locations throughout Europe.

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