Logitech MX Sound: A Premium Audio Experience at Your Desk

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Logitech as a brand will always appear as an option for peripherals devices such as the mouse, keyboard, and speakers. Logitech has long been producing speakers for PCs, but the latest addition to the lineup is completely different from what they have had so far.

Logitech Mx Sound 2

Dubbed the Logitech MX Sound, it is a pair of desktop speakers that also function as Bluetooth speakers. Of course, Logitech does not just embed a Bluetooth chip into this speaker, because there must be special attention to aspects of practicality.

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This particular attention comes in the form of a feature called Logitech Easy-Switch™  technology which allows users to change audio sources very easily. Just click pause, then users can directly play music via a smartphone. There are no further setting options that must be tampered with.

Press pause once again, then the music from the tablet can also be played on the same speaker. The Logitech MX Sound can be paired with two devices at the same time – even the 3.5 mm jack also has a pair – which means you can play music from three devices at the same time without the hassle of re-pairing or unplugging the cable.

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This 160 mm diameter speaker can produce a maximum power output of 24 watts, and a bass port at the back of each unit ensures a solid bass is presented. To control volume and pairing, users only need to wave to the front of the speaker, then press one of the three buttons that are lit. To save power, the standby mode is automatically triggered after 20 minutes of inactivity.

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Exquisitely created speakers incorporate silver emphasize rings, a movement initiated illuminated controls and top of the line texture covers. Logitech takes on the premium approach in building Logitech MX Sound. As for the price, Logitech has marketed the MX Sound for $ 99.

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