Azio Retro Compact Keyboard: the most premium mechanical keyboard created for the modern user

Azio Retro Compact Keyboard 3

The popularity of mechanical keyboards lately signifies one thing. People miss the sensation of pressing the spring button and feeling the feedback from the switch every time they press the keycaps, without worrying about incorrect letters because each key has enough distance between them.

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Plus the mechanical keyboard is a more comfortable option because of the shape of the curved button adjusting the finger.

For gamers, writers & those who work in front of a computer every day, a mechanical keyboard offers all the advantages that are not available compared to ordinary keyboards (membranes) – besides being more durable & the flexibility to replace keycaps.

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Well, Retro Compact Keyboard (RCK) made by Azio not only has all the advantages of a 21st-century mechanical keyboard but it also managed to revive the elegance of 19-20 century typewriters. The Azio RCK design really looks like a classic keyboard.

Azio RCK is available in 4 old school designs that give you the experience of typing on an old typewriter without having to press hard. Each round (and oval) keycaps resemble their ancestors and very responsive.

The RCK is complete with LED backlight that sparkles like a jewel to accompany the users through the night in front of their  PC.

Azio Retro Compact Keyboard 3

The vintage design of Azio RCK stands out mainly because of the use of 2 main materials, namely leather & wood, as well as matching aluminum alloy color frames. Besides being durable compared to plastic, wood & leather accents will never be out of fashion.

But don’t be fooled by the old school look. The mechanical keyboard Azio RCK provides all the features you expect from a 21st-century keyboard. Includes wireless & USB-C interface.

Azio Retro Compact Keyboard 2

Azio also added 4 bonuses to the package in the form of 2 sets of keyboard feet with different heights. So the users can adjust the keyboard height according to their taste. The package also includes a hand pillow, wireless mouse & matching color anti-slip mouse pad. Each RCK has a price tag of $219.99.


Azio Retro Compact Keyboard

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