Martello Tower Home: A Solid Brick House with Contemporary Additions

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Built between the late 1950s and early 1960s, Martello Tower Home is a solid brick house with contemporary additions complemented by Luigi Rosselli Architects. This house sits on the highest ridge point overlooking Sydney’s Middle Harbour.


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The contemporary additions to this house show all the signature hallmarks of the architect such as whitewashed walls, aerofoil vertical louvres next to “log-cabin” exterior wall cladding, and a sandstone base.



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The architect’s key element can be found in the front area of the house. There is a lightwell containing an elliptical stair that is framed by the sandstone Martello Tower entry porch and opens up to the roof lines and horizontal whitewashed concrete beams.

Martello Tower is a small defensive fort built during the 19th century across the British Empire. Most of them are coastal forts.



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Gentle alterations left ninety-five percent of the original structure of the house, including the 1950s sandstone fireplace.

The new lower ground floor level at the back and the additions to the front of the house can enliven a black appearance.

Romaine Alwill incorporates the favorite Mediterranean Blue color of the client into a timeless palette for the house’s interiors to create a cozy atmosphere. The result is a home that can survive 50 years ahead.


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Council: Manly Council

Design Architect: Luigi Rosselli

Project Architect: Simon Hassall

Interior Designer: Romaine Alwill, Alwill Interiors

Builder: Sydcon Building Services Pty Ltd

Structural & Hydraulic Consultant: Rooney & Bye Pty Ltd

Joiner: Kitchen Trend

Landscaper: Secret Gardens

Photography: Justin Alexander, Edward Birch

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