Mil-Spec Automotive Hummer H1 Launch Edition: A Tailored Experience in The Moments in Time

Mil Spec Automotive Hummer H1 Launch Edition 4

Hummer 1 has been quite famous as one of the tough off-road cars that are often used as a military tactical vehicle. This versatile off-road car can be relied on to bulldoze heavy terrain that other vehicles cannot even dream to cross.

Mil Spec Automotive Hummer H1 Launch Edition 10

Given the specialness of this car, an aftermarket company Mil-Spec Automotive (MSA) has specialized in modifying the Hummer H1 vehicle and has just launched a bespoke design that will be made according to the order.

Mil Spec Automotive Hummer H1 Launch Edition 4

The special edition label makes them limit the construction of 12 Hummer H1 trucks which will be equipped with technical enhancements in several parts including exclusive designs for them.

Mil-Spec will provide a hand-held super-powerful 6.6-liter LBZ Duramax turbodiesel engine that produces 500 hp power and 1,000 lb-ft of torque.

Mil Spec Automotive Hummer H1 Launch Edition 9

Not only that, but Mil-Spec also installed the original General AM portal arbor with ring-and-pinion 2.56: 1 rotation and differential ARB Air Locker combined with Hummer’s OE Tire Inflation System (CTIS) tires that never leaked. This combination allows it to be able to bend more agile on extreme off-road roads.

Mil Spec Automotive Hummer H1 Launch Edition 7

The Hummer H1 also gets a 12-volt ARB twin-tank air compressor component that is able to drive the Air Locker and provide tire inflation through the included hose/chuck kit, as well as an automatic wind fill system so that the truck wheels will not experience problems.

Mil Spec Automotive Hummer H1 Launch Edition 2

The thing that distinguishes it from the car built by the previous MSA is the addition of a Polyurethane layer with Moonlight Gray texture that blends with Kevlar. Application of black-plated vents and panels, 18-inch Pro Graphite Matte Pro wheels, and large tires 38 × 13.50R18 Toyo M / T Open Country.

Mil Spec Automotive Hummer H1 Launch Edition 5

This truck also features a new roof soft-top made of canvas Tough Duck, MSA rare steel snorkel and bumper offset with an optional Class III receiver towing package. In addition, there are additional AMP Research Power-steps and 60-inch LED lights mounted on the roof complementing the exterior upgrades.

Mil Spec Automotive Hummer H1 Launch Edition 3

The Hummer H1 special edition also received an executive package interior with leather retrim on Black Nappa seats and ceilings plus it also includes a dashboard and center console. With all of that super extra features, this car has a tag of $ 248,691.

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