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Mobvoi has presented a so-called AI recorder. At the end of the day, it means a dictation machine. However, there is a special feature embedded in the product.

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The recorded words on the Mobvoi AI Recorde can be automatically transferred into text. To ensure that this works smoothly, microphones with active noise suppression are also installed for the recordings. The aim is to ensure clear recordings with as little background noise as possible.

Currently, only audio recordings in English and Chinese can be transferred to text. Mobvoi claims that they would like to submit further languages ​​later.

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Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can be used to transfer the files. The Mobvoi AI ​​recorder can switch a hotspot itself so that you can transfer between devices via Wi-Fi, even when you are offline. Otherwise, Mobvoi also provides online tools to transfer audio files and transcripts in all kinds of formats.

Unfortunately, you also need to spend more money afterward. The transcription from language to text in the ​​English and Mandarin is only free in the first year and then costs €69.99 a year.

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With a clip and a magnetic surface as well as a hole for tapes, the Mobvoi AI recorder should be flexible enough to be carried along. The dimensions of the device are 58.6 x 20 x 15.7 mm. The weight is 20 grams.

The battery has a capacity of 300 mAh with proximate life of around 40 hours in standby and 10 hours of actual recording time. Approx. 500 hours of recordings fit on the internal storage space. Audio recordings end up as OGG or MP3 on the internal storage space of 16 GB.

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Price and Availability

This dictation machine is available either via Amazon or with a price tag of €59.99. The purchase price includes 200 GB of cloud storage space for recordings. Inside the box, you will get Mobvoi AI Recorder, USB-C Charging Cable, and Quick Guide.

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