MSI Alpha 15: First 7-NM Technology Gaming Laptop

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It’s no secret, of course, MSI almost always collaborates with AMD on their components for their laptops. This combination continues to be maintained and this time, the collaboration is back in the latest gaming laptop series from MSI that was just released globally a few weeks ago.


MSI has just announced the presence of its latest special gaming laptop called MSI Alpha 15. What makes this laptop very special is because the company claims that this gaming laptop is the first and only gaming laptop with a 7nm processor in the world.

The processor that MSI utilizes is the third-generation Ryzen processor that uses the Zen 7 2nm architecture. The costumers can also choose processors Ryzen 7 3750H which has 4 cores and 8 threads.

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While on the GPU, MSI is also putting on the latest GPU from AMD, the Radeon RX 5500M which was just launched last month. As is known, this GPU is based on 7nm fabrication technology and uses its new RDNA architecture.

There is also the latest AMD technology, called FidelityFX which is embedded on this gaming laptop. Not to forget, a 15.6-inch screen with full HD IPS panel up to 144Hz that supports FreeSync is also getting on the laptop.

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MSI claims that with the combination of these components, its costumers will get flawless gaming experience. Playing at 1080p resolution will also be very pleasant because MSI Alpha 15 can reach three-digit FPS very easily.

The secret behind this good performance is the presence of Cooler Boost 5. The cooling module with 7-Heatpipe is claimed to have been specifically designed to ease the work on this hardware exclusively.

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In the sound section, MSI provides the best on their MSI Alpha 15. Giant Speaker that is embedded on this laptop is 5 times bigger than others. While for the headphone, Alpha 15 also supports Hi-Res Audio for a better immersive experience.

Another interesting thing about MSI Alpha 15 is the keyboard that already supports Per-Key RGB Gaming Keyboard from Steelseries. In addition to having an attractive appearance, the keyboard on MSI Alpha 15 can be customized RGB features, depending on the needs.

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Extra features are also found in Alpha 15, one prime example is the MSI App Player which has been implanted with an Android emulator. This software is the product of a collaboration between MSI and BlueStacks so that customers can play heavy-duty mobile games, such as Call of Duty: Mobile and so on.

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In order to signify their new gaming line, MSI has also made a new logo in the shape of a thunderbird with flapping wings. The manufacturers claim that the logo that is planted on the backside of the product represents strength, innovation, and prosperity.

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