Nerf Ultra Blasters: The Farthest Flying Nerf Dart. EVER.

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Playing war games on a smartphone, laptop or PC might be fun, but the sensation is a whole lot better when you hold the gun and play the game in real life. No, we are not talking about real gun here but rather Nerf Ultra Blasters that is one of the most hype toy guns that give you the real war experience.

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This Nerf gun comes with the latest ammunition that exceeds other Nerf arrow blasters. With this new ammunition, Ultra One gives its own pleasure when using it. For initial use, you may need to be careful to get used to it first since it can shoot really fast.

Nerf Ultra One Blasters that is designed with the predominance of orange and yellow is equipped with a blaster, drums in three parts, 25 arrows and instructions. To be able to use it, the gun requires 4 type C batteries in the yellow tray at the bottom of the blaster, in front of the main handle.

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Made of thick plastic, Nerf makes the Ultra One Blaster more comfortable. The main handle is made narrower so it is suitable for those of you who have smaller hands. Even though the tube is quite large, you can carry it comfortably while holding it in your arm.

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Another feature of the Nerf Ultra Blaster is the exclusive arrow that adapts to the abilities of children because the arrow is quite light, which is around 1.4 g. These Nerf Blasters also has fins on the back and small bumps to the back that make it easy for you to use it.

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At the front of the pushing arm, there is a small tab or spring contained in the shell that is used to stop the forward movement of the pushing arm. When the Dart is loaded, this spring tab will release the latch and let the user complete the trigger motion and push the arrow.

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Moving on to the operation. First, you must insert 4 typo-C batteries into the tray, and to open the tray you need to use a screwdriver. Then, insert 25 arrows into the cylinder carefully while pushing it. The cylinders can be rotated freely by hand making it easier for you to insert arrows.

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After that, you need to make sure that you have closed it then pull the spin trigger to turn the arrow wheel motor. Next, aim and simply pull the trigger to fire the darts. The dart shot by the Nerf Ultra Blaster has an average range of 120ft.

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In one second, there are at least two arrows that can be launched. The trigger is made heavy enough to limit how fast you shoot the arrow. In addition, the accuracy is much better than the previous output. Well, if you are ready, get ready to shoot!

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