Nebra AnyBeam: The World’s Smallest Pocket Cinema Projector

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Recent technological developments have accelerated faster than we can comprehend. Various new innovations are present even in a matter of days. One of the latest innovations that will revolutionize the world is a small projector called Nebra AnyBeam.

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Projectors were once big, noisy and expensive – but the laser modules on Nebra AnyBeam are very small, efficient and affordable. Now you can load all the equipment needed to watch movies on the big screen in your pocket

Nebra Anybeam 6

Nebra AnyBeam is claimed to be the smallest pocket projector in the world today. Although Nebra AnyBeam comes with tiny size, it has giant abilities. This projector can project clear images to any surface, anywhere, anytime. Simply connect it to a computer’s USB port, you can already watch your favorite content on the big screen.

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As we mention above, AnyBeam uses lasers, not traditional or conventional LED lights. The lifetime of the laser is 10 times longer than traditional light bulbs. This means that the users will be saving a lot of money during the life of the projector. AnyBeam laser technology is very efficient and does not produce excessive heat, like some old projectors.

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The power of this laser technology is endless. AnyBeam laser offers projections that are more energy efficient and cost effective, but with better quality than Digital Light Processing (DLP).

Unlike DLP, you also don’t need to focus on the laser. You can project it to any surface, it can even be curved or uneven. In some conditions, you don’t even need a surface at all and can project it in the air.

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AnyBeam works with any HDMI input – from mobile phones, tablets, and laptops to game consoles and more. With HDMI compatibility, the Nebra AnyBeam projector is compatible with almost all audio, video or game streaming services out there.

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Whether watching movies at home with friends, delivering presentations quickly, or bringing your ideas to the big screen, AnyBeam seems to be the choice of future projectors. This product is still a prototype project which is available to be backed through their Kickstarter crowdfunding page for£189.


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