Nocs Standard Issue 8×25: Perfect Magnification with Pure Light Emission

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Binoculars are important equipment for camping, this tool can help you see anything that is far away as if it is in plain sight. In order to be able to bring out the best view, the right binoculars can be the perfect solution. Especially if you choose the Nocs Standard Issue Binoculars that packed a lot of interesting features.


To be able to see objects that are far away, one requires binoculars with maximum magnification. The greater the enlargement capability is the better chance to see objects that are further away.

With 8x magnification that equivalent to a 400mm camera lens, the Nocs Standard Issue Binoculars will come in handy in any situation. Although it can be enlarged up to 8x – which sometimes quite blurry on other product – you can still see what you want to see clearly.

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The advanced binocular is equipped with GoodEye Glass which is an anti-reflective lens coated with Emerald for transmitting pure light so that our eyes will be protected from the danger of sunlight. You will also not gonna be dazzled when seeing the scenery out there.

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In addition, there are other features that are not less sophisticated, namely IPX7 Waterproof and the capability to go submersible for up to 30 minutes underwater.

In a way, the Nocs Standard Issue Binoculars can also be used to enjoy the underwater scenery. There is also Fogproof which is a room containing Nitrogen to prevent condensation. With these embedded features, this binocular can be used safely and comfortably.

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The Nocs Standard Issue Binoculars have a handle made of rubber with a slightly rough texture. The texture is useful to prevent slippery hands that can let to the fall. With this kind of grip, you can use the binoculars comfortably.

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What’s gonna get a lot cooler is that the company that makes the binoculars provides guarantees for its products in the form of a lifetime guarantee. If there is something wrong with the binoculars, you can immediately bring it to the service center. The guarantee covers all parts in it which is awesome.

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The Nocs Standard Issue 8×25 might not be the same level as the tactical binoculars, but this binocular do what other binocular on the same price range doesn’t. The price tag of $89 is just the right bargain for this one.

Inside The Package
  • 8×25 Binoculars
  • Cozy Clean Drawstring Pouch
  • Fettuccine Neck Strap
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • Ships in post-consumer recycled shipper box printed with soy ink. No plastic.
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