Nuraphone: Hear your favourite music like never before

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It doesn’t matter how good a pair of headphones are, and no matter how much care is directed towards engineering and design, the simple truth is your own listening ability that plays a big role in your experience with them.

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Nura’s Nuraphone headphones have been made with the aim of adjusting audio playback to your own hearing, combining new technology and in-ear-meet-over-ear hybrid design for better sound.  Nuraphone uses aeroacoustics (OAE) emissions.

This is a phenomenon produced inside the cochlea – an organ located in the inner ear that converts waves into the ear to signals sent to the brain – to “learn” and adjust to your hearing abilities. The brand claims the headphones are then sonically “forming” a sound sign to get the best sound quality.

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The process is interesting: Nuraphone drivers play a variety of different tones, sending sounds to the cochlea, where three small bones vibrate and convert sounds into signals sent to the brain. But vibrations also echo back through the ear canal to the eardrum, which acts as a “speaker”, which emits the small OAE.

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Nuraphones take the OAE, and then an application adjusts EQ playback (the application will be available for iOS and Android devices). This information is then stored in the application, which can store up to three separate prol. Once the data is stored, headphones are said to be able to recognize who is wearing headphones automatically.

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Performance is not the only important aspect of Nuraphones. Headphones are designed as a hybrid between headphones in the ear and over-ear. According to the Nura, this design channel frequencies midrange and treble to the inner ear section of the headphones.

While the over-ear section provides bass through physical vibration through your skin, which according to the company prevents one part of the mixture from stinging the other, and allows the user to adjust sound insulation through the application.



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