Renault Trucks K Range: Strong on Robustness

Renaul Truck K 1

Renault Trucks, an automotive manufacturing company from France recently launched the latest K range truck. The carmaker released four types of trucks, type 4×4, 6×4, 6×6 and 8×4.

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As for the interior of the truck, Renault put on an audio unit at the top of the driver, speedometer combining digital and analog makes a more modern impression.

Deep inside the door, the truck is using a power window so that the driver doesn’t need to bother anymore to turn the glass up and down.

K Range can use 20% and 30% biodiesel (B20 and B30). The company has conducted trials in France and by modifying some engine parts and installing a water separator, the K Range engine is still working optimally.

Renaul Truck K 1

Moving on to the steering wheel, there are several buttons in place, at the bottom of the wheel, there are optidriver settings. In the case, that the driver wants to use the optidriver feature, they need to press the button located in the middle of the dashboard.

The presence of optidriver can reduce fuel consumption by 10 percent and reduce maintenance needs. The technology can increase safety and comfort, with ease of driving when the offroad mode is activated.

Renaul Truck K 4

The K Range Truck is mainly intended for mining, oil & gas, and plantations but it is also capable to tackle supply chain products. The Renault Truck K has a high ground clearance that is supported by an approach angle of 36 degrees that is suitable for offroad.

The strength of the Renault truck is seen in its unique features, adjustable chassis reinforcement, under-engine plates, and 100 percent steel oil and bumper tanks plus special headlamps to protect the grid.

Renaul Truck K 2

Last but not least, the engine, Renault truck has two choices for their customers, an 11-liter engine capable of producing 440 HPand a 13-liter variant that is capable of spitting 460 HP.

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