Ridley Kanzo Speed: For Those Who Want to Stay Ahead of The Pack

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Ridley presents its renewed lineup of gravel bicycles telling an interesting story. The Belgian manufacturer is not only has decided to join this growing trend of off-road bicycles that now lives a peak in the market, but they also prepared their all-terrain bike derived from their vast experience.

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The Ridley Kanzo, and here comes the reason for this exciting story, they have taken it from the music and legends that the troubadours sang in the middle ages. A genre in itself that entertained the people of the time in every town, in every kingdom.


And as in this type of bike,  brands insist that rider will get on it and live their own adventures outside the asphalt and rediscovering or exploring new places. Kanzo Speed is on the updated lineup and the bikemaker claims that with this bike, they have no choice but to get on, enjoy and realize that there is a life much more beyond the asphalt.

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Kanzo Speed is ​​for the most competitive and those who want to give the maximum in each exit or training on any surface. The bike can also take its rider to the mountain and enjoy a more off-road aesthetic and functionality.


The Kanzo Speed ​​is made for the cyclist who does not give up his effort to lead the squad in a gravel race. The 36 mm tire clearance is more competition-oriented but leaves enough space for different settings with ample space in the frame to install fenders and other adventure accessories.

Kanzo Speed 4

Thanks to its stable geometry, this bicycle adapts like a glove to the long and straighter sections of the tracks. Hidden bindings for trays and fenders in the frame and fork give the bike a clean look when not in use.

Kanzo Speed 2

The through axles in the frame and fork add rigidity to the connection between the bicycle and the wheels. The flat-mount disc brakes allow its rider to control the bike in all conditions, both on the road and cross country.

Kanzo Speed 8

The Kanzo Speed ​​of Ridley is available in six different assemblies from the priciest Campagnolo Chorus 12sp (Dreambuilder) which is marketed from 6.999 euros to the option to buy frame plus fork for 1,699 euros as the lowest offer.



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