Rimac C_Two: The Hypercar We Have Been Waiting For

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Ladies and gents, please put your hands together for one of the quickest cars at any point assembled. Rimac’s new electric hypercar brags the best speed of 258 mph (415 km/h), about 2,000 hp with parts and loads of cutting-edge highlights.

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The Rimac C_Two: pure electric GT hypercar as competent on track as it is crossing mainlands. An auto as bespoke as it is easy to use. Another type of hypercar. Ageless, exquisite styling, with shape regarding capacity, the C_Two is totally new but unmistakably Rimac.


Elegance and Stylish on the Outside

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It incorporates the company’s signature ‘tie’ design on the flanks, finessed to suit the car’s dramatic proportions. A feature that is also functional, acting as an air-intake for the rear cooling systems.

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A method of entry and egress designed to be as dramatic as it is pragmatic. New butterfly doors not only deliver endless kerbside drama, they also elegantly carve away at the C_Two’s wide sill when open, giving a generous space for sophisticated entry and egress.

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With its wide, compositional backside, the C_Two would never be confused with the normal. Notwithstanding fusing an abundance of dynamic streamlined components, it remains a cognizant realistic, joining both the dramatization and magnificence of a hypercar consistently with the bleeding edge – molded by the air itself, fashioned with innovation.

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Lightweight, forged alloy wheels feature a unique aerodynamic design that channels cooling air to the carbon-ceramic braking system and ensures smooth airflow down the flanks of the car.


Build With Purposes

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The C_Two highlights a full carbon fiber monocoque with reinforced carbon rooftop, incorporated basic battery pack and back carbon subframe, with crash structures shaped from aluminum and carbon fiber. The outcome is that it is both light and astoundingly solid.

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With its Lithium/Manganese/Nickel science, 6,960 cells and round and hollow 21700 shape factor, the C_Two’s fluid-cooled battery pack holds 120kWh and produces an amazing 1.4MW of energy. Encased in layers of security and insurance frameworks, the pack is designed to offer the ideal weight appropriation to improve each element.

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Four electric engines control every individual wheel, giving both four-wheel drive and remarkable dynamic control. The bespoke double lasting magnet, oil-cooled electric engines offer moment reaction, more than 97-percent effectiveness, a close boundless and support free working life and most extreme torque from zero rpm.

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While a pair of single-speed gearboxes applies drive to the front wheels, a pair of two-speed gearboxes – again, one for each rear wheel – allow the C_Two to make use of its prodigious torque to produce both mind-blowing accelerations.


Futuristic Interior Design

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The C_Two can stack chose courses into its on-board frameworks by means of the ‘Driving Coach’ work, offering clear and exact direction on hustling lines, braking/speeding up focuses and controlling information sources. A virtual driving mentor with an exceptionally handy application and learning knowledge.

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A wide, sculptural hood configuration accentuates the C_Two’s quality and aim and incorporates dynamic folds that adjust the auto’s streamlined profile. This gives the sort of low coefficient of streamlined drag that permits this hypercar to cut the air like a quiet blade, helping both productivity and execution.

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A unique and bespoke set of interfaces have the ability to monitor every aspect of the car’s performance via live telemetry animations or graphs, or simply browse through a library of music, Rimac’s systems provide convenience and usability.

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High-intensity LED light units front and rear provide the very best in terms of illumination. Each headlight contains a hand-built squadron of 58-LEDs choreographed by a Rimac control unit, equipped with its own ventilation system. No valuing info is accessible for the C Two, however, don’t be amazed on the off chance that it conveys a heavy six-figure value tag. Rimac is making arrangements for a generation keep running of 150 cars.

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