ROXOR: The Off-Road Vehicle with Modern Innovation

ROXOR Off Road Vehicle 3

The best answer for an off-road vehicle with its modern innovation is ROXOR. It has the best reputation and durability for your off-road activity. ROXOR comes with some awesome editions, Dune Edition and Limited Edition or LE. With the high technology of engine and performance, you are ready to complete your mission anywhere and anytime.

Dimension and Capacity

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ROXOR has 96 inches wheelbase with the total length 48 inches, width 62 inches and height 75 inches. It has 12 Gal of fuel capacity. The rear payload capacity is about 349 lbs with 3490 lbs towing capacity. ROXOR has 2 seats for you and your partner.



ROXOR Off Road Vehicle 2

ROXOR is built with turbo diesel M2DICR and 4 – 4stroke compression ign for the cylinders. This off-road vehicle has 62 HP @ 3200 RPM for the power and liquid cooling system. The fuel system is designed with direct injection.



ROXOR Off Road Vehicle 3

Once you have ROXOR, you will be offered some best features by this awesome vehicle. The steering is hydraulic PWR with a single gauge of instrumentation. ROXOR is also completed with a halogen lighting and 72 AH battery. The storage is designed for 2 seat boxes.



ROXOR Off Road Vehicle 4

If you love about speed, then ROXOR is perfect for you. This awesome off-road vehicle has 45 MPH of maximum speed and 15 MPH of maximum towing speed. 45 MPH is the suitable speed for the most consumers who often use a vehicle.



ROXOR Off Road Vehicle 5

ROXOR Off Road Vehicle 6

ROXOR offers some available colors that you can choose based on your taste. The colors are carbon black, classic white, fire orange, and also Tahoe blue. These available colors prove that ROXOR is not only the best off-road vehicle but also a stylish off-road vehicle ever.

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