Samsung Giga Party Audio MX-T70: Blast the Party Rhythm!

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Samsung Giga Party Audio is a line of home audio and entertainment that the company claims can enliven all events whether it is with family or friends. The claim is based on the overall feature of the product that is equipped with Karaoke Mode, Bass Booster and Built-in Woofer functions.

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Samsung Giga Party Audio comes in one practical single device, without having to have separate speaker sets. In addition, the product is tough and waterproof. Another main selling point of the Giga Party Audio by Samsung is that it can connect through Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

Thus, the owner of the Samsung Giga Party Audi are free to play any playlists from preferred streaming through their smartphones with multi-device connectivity that can handle two smartphones at the same time.

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The audio device already established its feature which has a powerful sound, but it also comes in a unique design. Samsung Giga Party Audio transmits bi-directional sound or in two directions to the room. So, it can fill the room with music, making the atmosphere more lively and more festive.

The design of the Giga Party Audio is showing it’s premium class and compact in one unit, making it practical to be taken anywhere. The owner of the audio device no longer needs to arrange and connect several sets of speakers when they want to use it.

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With outputs up to 1500W, anyone can simply enjoy the party atmosphere with friends accompanied by their favorite music. In addition, with a built-in 10-inch subwoofer unit, the music can be optimized for deeper and more impactful. Plus, the Bass Booster feature can add stronger power to the music that is being played.

There are also 2 mic inputs in the MX-T70 type on the case that the karaoke competition is one of the activities in the party.

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Packing several light effects and sound modes, Giga Party Audio is the perfect companion on any party situation. There are five kinds of 8 sound modes and DJ Effects, ranging from EDM to Hip-hop, which can be adjusted to the type of music being played. All o the operation is easy as the owner can manage all the options and settings through the Samsung Giga Party Audio App which is available on Android and iOS.

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Samsung prepared two types of the Giga Audio Party devices, including the MX-T70 version which can produce the best sound and power, while the MX-T50 is the flexible one. The device is already available since early March with a price tag of $699.99.


Samsung Giga Party Audio MX-T70

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