15 Scandinavian Lamp Designs

It’s anything but difficult to perceive a Scandinavian style. Be that as it may, there isn’t only one Scandinavian style, but, a few and they all have certain components in like manner. For instance, every single Scandinavian decorative have wooden floors, regularly light and they can be found in every one of the rooms separated from the lavatory. The shading palette in Scandinavian stylistic themes is light and straightforward and for the most part, incorporates shades of dark and blue and in addition a considerable measure of white. Some of the time striking touches of shading can be seen all over the furniture including the lamps.


1. Molecular Pendant

Scandinavian Lamp Designs 15

Source: House Doctor

Molecular pendant from House Doctor turns into an eye getting point of interest over the eating table or in the front room. The light is made of dark covered iron with metal points of interest and has customizable arms that make it conceivable to make your own one of a kind articulation.

2. JWDA Table Lamp

Scandinavian Lamp Designs 14

Source: Menu

Light up your home with the JWDA light from the Danish brand Menu. The light is composed by Jonas Wagell and is made of a crude base with a rich metallic catch. Place the light on the couch table, in a rack or possibly on the bedside table?

3. DIY Pendant

Scandinavian Lamp Designs 13

Source: House Doctor

The light is moderate in its effortlessness yet with a cutting edge and modern touch. It fits superbly on the feasting table or in a dim corner where you need to include some additional light.

4. Eos Lamp

Scandinavian Lamp Designs 12

Source: Vita

The light is made of white goose plumes and paper and comes conveyed in a level box with mounting directions that are anything but difficult to take after. The light fits consummately in many rooms and spreads a warm, diffused light when lit.

5. Block Lamp

Scandinavian Lamp Designs 11

Source: Design House Stockholm

The honor winning and world acclaimed Block light are made of clear handcrafted glass. Exhibited at Museum of Modern Art in New York since 2000.

6. Bazar Wall Lamp

Scandinavian Lamp Designs 10

Source: By Rydéns

It is made of covered metal and the movable arm makes it simple to coordinate the light wherever you need it – impeccable to mount by the bed. The light has a mechanical look and is accessible in a few hues.

7. FlowerPot VP3 Table Lamp

Scandinavian Lamp Designs 9


Source: &Tradition

Vase table light VP3 was composed by Verner Panton in 1969 and it is as well known today as some time recently. The vase is an arrangement by &Tradition you can pick in two pendants of various sizes.

8. Fling White Lamp

Scandinavian Lamp Designs 8

Source: Bsweden

The white Fling light is a rich pendant from Bsweden, ideal for Advent and Christmas time – or for what reason all the year around! It is accessible in a few sizes.

9. Astoria Wall Lamp

Scandinavian Lamp Designs 7

Source: Globen Lighting

The triumphant light was outlined by Anna Landerholm and joins lighting and capacity with a great Scandinavian plan. The light is awesome alongside a bed, by a couch or in the lobby. Just anyplace you require lighting and a place to store little knickknacks.

10. Acorn Pendant Lamp

Scandinavian Lamp Designs 6

Source: Northern Lighting

The light has an in vogue configuration propelled by the Nordic pre-winter backwoods with the state of an oak seed made of oak and aluminum. Give your kitchen or parlor another look with this fine light and consolidate it with coordinating subtle elements to get vogue touch in the room.

11. Milk Floor Lamp

Scandinavian Lamp Designs 5

Source: &Tradition

The Milk Floor Lamp from &Tradition helps us to remember an old draining stool. Put on the floor it adds a lighting environment to your home.

12. Star 9 Round Lamp

Scandinavian Lamp Designs 4

Source: Örsjö Belysning

Star is an adaptable light gathering and is accessible in various shapes. The round Star 9 light is made of lacquered metal, metal or copper with nine light sources which can be coordinated in various ways. It can be mounted either with settling sections or wire suspension, which builds the conceivable outcomes for a few looks.

13. Mhy Pendant Lamp

Scandinavian Lamp Designs 3

Source: Muuto

Mhy pendant light has a rich appearance and a solid identity and the flawless size enables the pendant to be mounted over your kitchen table, supper table, in a lobby or elsewhere where you might want to include an outline component with extraordinary character.

14. The Carrie LED Lamp

Scandinavian Lamp Designs 2

Source: Menu

The light base is made of powder-covered steel with a lovely opal glass shade, spreading a delicate, diffused light. The Carrie light has a work in LED light and an inner battery that is charged by means of a USB link. An extraordinary light for the dim nighttimes.

15. The Bumling Lamp

Scandinavian Lamp Designs 1

Source: Atelje Lyktan

The Bumling light from Atelje Lyktan is a genuine plan and quite exemplary. Anders Pehrsson composed the Ø 40cm retro roof light in 1968 and it is as present-day today as at that point. Go get it for your kitchen!

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