Snowrider Kit: Ride The Wild!

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Turning a motorcycle into a snowmobile sounds like a crazy idea but the Siberian manufacturer Snowrider-Moto offers exactly such conversion kits. The best thing about the kit is that it has everything that is needed to convert a motorcycle into one wild snowmobile.

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The origin of the manufacturer already suggests where the target group of the product is likely to be: in cold and snow-drenched areas such as Siberia, Canada or, for example, Alaska. But there are also plenty of places in Europe where, at least in winter, there is a lot of snow and such vehicles could be fun.


The company offers four conversion kits which should be suitable for different purposes, but differ only slightly in price. Snowrider SR120 Pro-SE is the lowest of the four which price at € 4,510. The priciest one is the Snowrider SR120 Pro-RS which marketed at € 4,900.

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The midrange of the lineup is Snowrider SR129 Pro-SE and  Snowrider SR137 Pro-SE which is available for € 4,670 and € 4,830 respectively.  The first three conversion kits are primarily intended for rough and challenging ground and snow conditions, while the variant for 4,900 euros was primarily developed for professional drivers and races.


Jumps should also be possible with all four variants without major restrictions. The mono-skis used at the front were manufactured in-house. The drive track named Moto 65 comes from Composit Tracks.

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The sprocket and chain are made by a company called JT. Snowrider-Moto uses CNC-machined and chrome-plated steel for the chassis. Components from YSS are used for the fully adjustable spring elements.

A small tank is also included as standard. When it comes to the brakes, the Russians company relies on the specially adapted and specially coated disc brakes and two-piston brake calipers, which are unfortunately not visible at first glance.

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In the product description, the manufacturer also mentions that an adapter set that is not described in detail is not included in the scope of delivery. Snowrider-Moto does not describe what this is needed for either. Incidentally, the conversion kits are offered in different color variants.

According to the Snowrider-Moto‘s instructions, the conversion kits can be used on any enduro or cross-machine whose engine has an output of at least 250 cm³ and with the chain on the left side of the bike, which should be the case with most models.

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The Russian manufacturer also claims that the conversion can be carried out by two people within one hour. However, the manufacturer recommends studying the instructions in advance to be able to create this rather crunchy time.



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