Solar Impact Yacht: The Exclusive Experience that Inspires

Solar Impact Yacht 8

Anything to save the planet, from the reduction of carbon to technology that can help us get wherever we need without having to chug on petrol. Well, since the emerging of Tesla, all battery-powered transportation vehicle is getting enough spotlight to steal our attention.

Now, a solar-powered cruise ship that does not need to stop to refuel has been successfully developed. SolarImpact, the ship that came out from 5 years of research by Zurich’s SolarImpact Yacht AG, did not disclose the estimated price and release date yet, but it is astonishing.

The company claims to use solar panels to power the ship, cutting the noise produced by traditional engines. The 800 kWh battery provides roaming capabilities of around 10 hours, which can be extended by adding batteries from the sun during the trip. In the case of sailing on cloudy days, the yacht is loaded with a pair of 65 kW diesel engines (87 hp) as a backup engine.

The 24-meter cruise ship has more than 300 square meters of solar panels on its roof, which can function as a single vessel. The ship also features two torpedo-shaped buoys under the surface of the water that SolarImpact Yacht AG claims will reduce the rolling and heeling from cruise ships to 90 percent in choppy conditions.

On the inside, SolarImpact has enough beds for ten people, including accommodations for the crew. Loaded with artificial intelligence, this futuristic shape yacht can even be controlled by just one person.


Solar Impact Yacht 8

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Interior and Cabin

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