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In case you want the stylish appearance of an electric bicycle checks out the new e-bike from SUPER73, with the design of a moped from the 1970s. The new model, the ZX, breathes the 70s on all sides. The e-bike is only slightly more advanced than the polluting 2-stroke mopeds from that time.

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The SUPER73 fully electric bicycle has an aluminum frame and is powered by a 1350 Watt motor. In the European version, the powertrain is limited to 250 Watt, with which you can drive up to 25 or 45 kilometers per hour.

The speed is adjustable via the app. This model has no license plate and brake lights and indicators are missing. It’s very easy to step up, but it’s not allowed according to the EU regulation.

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You can not only adjust the speed via the app; you can also use it to navigate, register repairs and view data about your journey. Through over-the-air updates, the e-bike’s firmware is always kept up to date. If you prefer not to use your phone, the SUPER73-ZX also has its own LCD display.

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It’s nice to have all those features, but what really matters with an electric bicycle is the range. The battery on the SUPER73-ZX has a power of 615 Watt, with which you can travel about 40 to 80 kilometers.

The range will also depend on the outside temperature, the weight of the rider, the surface, and any slope during the journey. The amount of pedal support you ask for from the e-bike also has a lot of influence on this range.

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Price and Availability

If the battery is empty, you don’t have to go to the socket with the electric bicycle to plug it in. The battery of the SUPER73 is exchangeable and can be charged separately. But to take home a backup battery you will need to set back another € 599 after acquiring the bike for € 2,499.

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