The Super Compact GPD Pocket 2 that will Redefine The Ultimate Portable Laptop

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Nowadays, laptops have become an item that most people need. That way, the need for laptops means to be higher, and people want to have laptops that are easy to carry everywhere. Tho the market for the laptop is getting a new competitor from tablet PC, the laptop is still going strong.

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By carrying the name of GamePad Digital, it’s not difficult to guess what business is the focus of the Shenzhen-based company. Since 2010, GPD have involved in the realm of providing Android portable consoles, until finally, they introduced the Windows handheld console in early 2015. And since 2017, GPD has an agenda to move to a new segment which is ‘more productive’.

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Still using the crowdfunding platform to present its new device, GamePad Digital this time revealed the GPD Pocket 2, a super-tiny netbook with a choice of Windows 10 or Ubuntu operating systems.

According to the manufacturer, laptops in the future are not only designed to be light and thin but also made to be super small so that they are easy to carry around like smartphones.

Dimensions and Material

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How small is the GPD Pocket 2? The device has a width of 181x113mm, with a thickness of only 8-14mm, with a weight of less than half a kilogram – exactly 465 grams.

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As a window accessing content, GamePad Digital prepares a 7-inch screen. And the good news is, manufacturers, don’t compromise on panel quality. Pocket 2 presents H-IPS 1920 × 1200 323.5ppi display – more compact than Apple MacBook Air and Microsoft Surface 3.

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The body of the GPD Pocket is composed of materials similar to those popular devices, utilizing magnesium metal that is formed in detail. To support the durability factor, the GPD Pocket 2 screen is protected by a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The aspect of physical connectivity is also not forgotten. Pocket 2 is supported by a USB 3.0 port, micro HDMI, USB type-C and 3.5mm audio port.


Ergonomically Effective

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For input, the GPD Pocket 2 adopts the keyboard design ‘chocolate‘; the keys are thin, ergonomic, and the surface is made to prevent sticking on the fingers. GamePad Digital claims that the keyboard is more comfortable and more accurate than the Microsoft Surface input method 3. Then to control the mouse cursor, Pocket 2 presents the TrackPoint along with a pair of buttons.

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With GPD Pocket 2, you can work and impart when and where it is required, enabling you to enhance work effectiveness. GPD Pocket 2 gives you an immersive ordeal for watching movies, reading an e-book and tuning in to music, offering a bona fide private space for you.


The Technology

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The greatest preferred standpoint of the GPD Pocket 2 is its dynamic cooling plan. All the most prominent ultra-thin PCs available don’t utilize dynamic cooling, prompting quick recurrence decrease once the processor hits warm breaking points.

This lessens their viability for both work and diversion employments. With its fan-based PC-level cooling arrangement, GPD Pocket 2 gives extraordinary execution for a small body.

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Two USB A ports and one Micro SD card slot allows you to expand the storage to 2.4TB. The m3-7y30 supports the UHS 104 ultra-high-speed SD interface, with a bus speed up to 104MB/s.

It also supports Micro SDXC cards. As tested, the read speed of a SanDisk 128GB Micro SD card was measured to be up to 88MB/s, and the write speed was up to 57MB/s.



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The GPD Pocket campaign held by GamePad Digital in Indiegogo was very successful, they managed to raise funds almost 14 times the initial target (more than $ 3,5 million). The product is planned to be sold at a retail price of $729.

This is what GPD Pocket 2 offers for you:

  • UNIBODY Machined Magnalium Design: streamlined and fashionable
  • Fits in Your Pocket Easily: bring it with you anywhere
  • Lightweight, <500g: more compact than the GPD Pocket 1
  • 7-inch Screen: just the right size for maximum productivity
  • Traditional Keyboard Design: minimum user adoption; type like you used to
  • Micro SDXC Card Slot and More USB A Ports: Expand storage space without a separate USB HUB
  • Active Cooling: rather than a passive cooling thin design that sacrifices performance
  • Superior Performance than Microsoft (m3) Surface Pro
  • Low Noise Operating Mode: caters to different user preferences
  • Compatible with All Chargers and Mobile Power Banks
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