The Urban21 by Diamond Atelier: Look Closer!

The Urban21 By Diamond Atelier 1

The German bike magician from Diamond Atelier is in charge of a portion of the world’s most unfathomable custom cruisers, and here’s another venture to demonstrate their class and ability.

The Urban21 By Diamond Atelier 1

Diamond Atelier presents us with their most recent project, the Urban 21. This custom bike is adjusted in the shape of the BMW R nineT, for which the maker appears to have a favorable view.


Suit the City Shade

The Urban21 By Diamond Atelier 4

The Urban 21 is dominated by a metallic brown color with a touch of gold on the front. The Urban 21 is perfect for urban riders and also very tough on long trips.


Built From The Best

The Urban21 By Diamond Atelier 6

The Urban21 By Diamond Atelier 7

They’ve put altogether from spic and span parts, equaling the bike delivered by BMW Motorrad. Each cruiser includes the most elevated quality parts, sourced from driving brands, such as Motogadget, Magura, Wilbers, Kellermann, Gilles, and ABM, among numerous others.

The Urban21 By Diamond Atelier 8

The Urban21 By Diamond Atelier 9

Aside from the top-notch parts, the Urban 21 custom bika will additionally be got the accompany of the Diamond Atelier limited-edition CNC valve covers which brag a dark anodized finish. Diamond Atelier will likewise give the choice to arrange a two-seater custom BMW R nineT or a single seater one.

The Urban21 By Diamond Atelier 10

The Urban21 By Diamond Atelier 5

Customers can conveniently select a wide range of bespoke options. The workshop can personalize any bike with a custom paint job, different styles of wheels, tires, and exhaust systems, as well as suspension setups or air filters.


Look Closer and Be Stunned!

The Urban21 By Diamond Atelier 3

The Urban21 By Diamond Atelier 2

Made in only two months, each of The Urban21 has a price of around $33,000. Or on the other hand around $20,000 for customers who get their old bike to be modified. The workshop likewise offers an overall conveyance so you can arrange the delivery from pretty much anyplace on the globe.

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