Top 5 Tips on Buying Extended Car Warranty

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Your car is one of your biggest assets. You use it daily, so why not ensure that you are covered with an extended warranty? When you buy a new car, be it new or used, it comes with a set warranty period, but it is often after this period runs that things start to go a little haywire. This is where an extended car warranty can be your best friend. It simply works by extending your current warranty based on the warranty plan of your choosing. So, how to choose the right extended warranty for you? Read on to see our top 5 tips!

  1. Research

When you purchase a new car, the dealer is likely to offer you an extended warranty through their company. What they do not tell you, however, is that you have other options. There are generally three different options to choose from when looking at purchasing an extended warranty: manufacturer, dealer, and independent. There are pros and cons to each of these options, so it is best to research each to find the right match for you.

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  1. See what is covered

Once you have completed your research and found your top options, compile a checklist to ensure that everything that you need it covered, is in fact covered. If an extended warranty only covers basic repairs, then it may not be worth itself in value for the invested money you have put into it. If complex repairs are covered, it is possible that even one repair being done to the car is worth investing in the extended warranty. It is up to you to ensure you find the right deal for you.

  1. Don’t leave it until the last minute

As with most things in life, the earlier the purchase, the better. If you wait until your general warranty has almost expired, you may not be eligible for the extended warranty. Often, you will be required to have your car inspected before the extended warranty can be applied. As such, it is always best to ensure you have regular car services, and are on top of any issues as soon as possible, to ensure the warranty will cover the costs.

  1. Look for support

When choosing the right company, ensure you find a reputable, highly recommended company that is easily contactable. Things don’t always go to plan, and if you need your car picked up at 3 am, you need to know that you can contact your extended warranty company to ensure the costs are covered.  Ensure that the company has several different methods of communication, including email, online chat, and by telephone. Finally, you should always make sure that roadside assistance is included as a part of the extended warranty.

  1. Is it backed?

While many car warranty companies offer a range of deals that may seem too good to pass up, it is always important to ensure that this warranty is backed by the automaker. When you sign with a company that has a manufacturer-backed extended warranty, you can utilize this warranty at any dealership across the country. This is a highly preferable option to some third-party vehicle companies that provide the warranty that can only be used within a specific location.

So, where can you find a company that fits into each of these optimal coverage options?  Optimal Warranty extended car warranty.

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