Viba Cara: Dressed with her black suit, Cara will not reveal herself at first sight.

Viba Cara 5

The French company Viba has created this interesting special on a BMW R NineT basis. It’s called Cara – in honor of Cara Delevingne-and all the special parts are made with 3D printers.

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What a normal futuristic motion, something comes to mind with a futuristic design. But futuristic can also be a production process. As in the case of Cara, made in a limited edition of 23 copies by Viba.

The BMW R nineT is in fact a motorcycle built thanks to the extensive use of 3D printed parts. A possible vision of the future of the motorcycle industry. At least for a certain part.

Viba Cara 3

Cara, as mentioned, is the work of VIBA, a French company that builds customized limited edition motorcycles, made with the intense use of 3D printed parts. The custom bike is possible thanks to its partnership with specialized companies such as SLM Solutions Group AG and Erpro Group.

Viba Cara 2

The distinctive 3D features of Viba Cara are the saddle and the tail, the engine air intakes, the handlebar and many small secondary parts used throughout the custom motorcycle. Such as the new front mudguard, the headlight support, the dashboard housing, the exhaust, and the fork plates.

Viba Cara 4

Then the company took a special look at a side fairing that connects the tank with the boxer engine and becomes a place for the turn signal. Especially for this part, the company uses polyamide material mixed with glass beads as reinforcement.

Viba Cara 1

Part of the tail was not spared to be made new with an aggressive design complete with an integrated stop lamp with the turn signal. As a result, the BMW R nineT has also become more frightening without changing the overall vibe.

Viba Cara 5

Each Cara model is limited to 23 motorbikes since the company tries to remain unique through the different possible customization options. Viva claims that they want to meet customer requirements with the quality and originality they offer.

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