Zero SR/S: Aerospace Design Plus Highway Efficiency

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In 2020, electric motor manufacturers are getting more intense in releasing their products, one of which is Zero Motorcycle. The US-based Electric motor manufacturer recently launches the latest model of its electric motorcycle.

The new motorcycle from Zero Motorcycles is called the Zero SR/S which is an evolution of its flagship type that was launched last year, the SR / F. The SR/S packed the same electric motor and battery as the previous generation, the SR / F and roughly offering the same specs.

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Zero SR/S got a ZF75-10 electric motor with a power of 14.4 kWh, direct drive. The engine is capable of spitting out 110 hp and 190 Nm of torque, with a top speed of 200 km/h. The electric motorcycle is also capable to go as far as 200 miles.

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The Zero SR/S has 4 driving modes, Street, Sport, Eco, and Regen, as well as several modes that can be adjusted to the needs of riders.

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For the charging process, The SR/S’ electric motor can be charged with up to 12 kW fast charging, which allows the battery to rise from 0 to 95 percent in about an hour.

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The DNA of Zero SR/F is still visible on the new SR/S, but of course, there are some updates. The electric motorcycle share a large digital screen, a companion smartphone application, and the level of connectivity that allows for over-the-air updates and real-time driving statistics.

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But, Zero Motorcycle claims that the fairing on the SR/S is 13% more aerodynamic than the previous version. Besides that, the SR/S has a much more complete set of body panels.

Getting into details, the handlebars on the SR/S are now mounted higher and the footrests are mounted lower. The new configuration results in a more comfortable riding position. The back seat is also getting bigger and can accommodate a person.

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The standard trim of the Zero SR/S is marketed starting at $ 25,000. Meanwhile, the premium version with grip heating features and special handlebars are available at $ 28,000.


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