2020 Yamaha XMAX: The ultimate Sport Scooter with a liquid‑cooled engine

2020 Yamaha Xmax 4

Sport scooters such as Yamaha XMAX is in demand in Asia due to its design and features. Especially in the 250 cc scooter class, XMAX got a huge fanbase thanks to a competitive price and a comfy feature.

Now, to add to the appeal of 2020 XMAX, Yamaha provides a new color option. Although the changes are only coming in the form of a color scheme, the updated version of Yamaha XMAX got a fresher look, especially the one with golden rim.

2020 Yamaha Xmax 7

Yamaha XMAX actually looks even sexier as it is now gilded in gold color. Plus, there are emblems that came in gold to accentuate the appearance of the Yamaha premium scooter.

2020 Yamaha Xmax 6

But the 2020 Yamaha XMAX that is equipped with alloy wheels and gold color emblems only applies to black and silver trim of the Sport scooter.

2020 Yamaha Xmax 5

Other colors of Yamaha XMAX that are no less interesting are the blue one which is also widely used by Yamaha R-Series sports motorbikes.

The look of the new Yamaha XMAX that came in red and blue remains unchanged as it came with black plated alloy wheels and chrome color emblems on the body.


2020 Yamaha Xmax 1

Yamaha XMAX adopted a new beasty engine, with changes in the crankshaft due to its higher stroke. The new variant does not differ much from the 2019 Yamaha XMAX variant as it still keeps the elegant design and standard safety features such as ABS and traction control.

2020 Yamaha Xmax 2

As a Sport scooter that is included in the Maxi Yamaha range, the Yamaha XMAX is equipped with a 292cc SOHC single-cylinder engine with the biggest performance in its class, combined with Liquid Cooled 4-valve for ultimate acceleration.

2020 Yamaha Xmax 3

The 2020 Yamaha XMAX is capable of spraying a maximum power of up to 16.8 kW at 7,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 24.3 Nm with a rotation of 5,500 rpm. As for the price, the new Yamaha XMAX is marketed starting at $5,699.

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