2022 Toyota All-New Tundra

2022 Toyota All New Tundra 6

Toyota is carefully preparing to knit the domination on the truck market as they are inching closer to introduce Toyota Tundra that has got a makeover.

After being forced to unveil a picture of the truck, Toyota is now giving some clues about the livability of the upcoming truck. Even though the details in the trailer video are minimal, they still give some clues about the TRD Pro version.

2022 Toyota All New Tundra 3

[Leak] Design

The 15-second video shows what appears to be the interior of the TRD Pro version of the 2022 Toyota Tundra, at least according to the inscription on the seats of the truck.

2022 Toyota All New Tundra 4

Right from the start, Toyota is hinting at the seats covered with a kind of red leather, but which must instead be SofTex, a synthetic covering used in several Toyota products. The perforated seats also suggest they could be air-conditioned, which is standard in higher-end versions of competing for full-size trucks.


Next, a view of a thumbwheel that will presumably be used for the riding modes, around which are four buttons to activate, among other things, the towing mode and the crawling mode.

2022 Toyota All New Tundra 5

The choice of a driving mode will obviously be displayed on the instrumentation, which is entirely digital in the case of the version shown in the video. There are also see in the instrumentation indicators used in off-road driving, especially for roll and pitch.

2022 Toyota All New Tundra 2

Finally, the video ends with a 6-second sequence in which the carmaker shows a smart induction charger that appears to be placed at the bottom of the dashboard in an almost vertical position.

Coming Soon

Unfortunately, no clue about the mechanics of the truck has been released so far. There are several rumors of the integration of a turbocharged V6 engine similar to the one found under the hood of the new Toyota Land Cruiser.

2022 Toyota All New Tundra 1

There is also reportedly a hybrid and potentially plug-in hybrid version planned, but nothing has been confirmed. Full details on the 2022 Toyota Tundra will be released later; the launch of the vehicle is scheduled for this fall with a marketing period come sometime later.

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