The arrival of Windows 11 is imminent, and the presentation of computers such as the HP Envy 34 All-in-One Desktop are the sign that manufacturers have already done their homework and, consequently, the costumer are already beginning to see the first computers designed specifically for the new operating system.

HP has expanded its portfolio of professional solutions with the new HP EliteOne 800, designed to integrate seamlessly into any workspace, and to optimally meet the needs of the main professional profiles, both in traditional work environments and in hybrid environments.

The HP Elite Dragonfly marketing campaign is scheduled to take place on October 25th, while the price range of the business class laptop is starting at $ 1,549.

The Omen X 2S is planned to be marketed later this summer through the official site and official store. We all should realize by now that the unique design of the laptop does have an impact on the price. The most basic variant of the Omen X 2S is priced at $2,100.

HP is starting to release Reverb this month and the price is pegged at $ 599 for the consumer version while the enterprise version go price tag of $ 649. Like its predecessor, the two HP Reverb versions also feature a pair of Bluetooth motion controllers in the sales package.

It's called SwitchPod, and it's a monopod + tripod combo with a simple appearance and mechanism. Switching from handheld mode to tripod mode can be done in seconds, and vice versa. This is clearly different from other gadgets which requires time to be arranged in such a way regardless of its flexibility.

Intended to be the "apex of hard-mind rough terrain execution at HPC" the Typhoon PRO is half electric bicycle, half track bicycle furnishing the best of both together with a lot of energy to add considerably more amusing to your regular ride.

It is a 2019 residential project of a one-storey house by Paz Arquitectura. BF House sits on a unique piece of land in Guatemala. The owners of this house want to take advantage of the garden so a basement garage is built to save the garden area.

Designed by I Like Design Studio, MP House is a transformation project of an old house into a new family house located in Thailand. With a compact area inside and not too many windows or voids, this house still can provide high privacy with good ventilation.

Completed in 2007 by Jorge Hernandez de la Garza, Suntro House is a modern house that sits in a place of exceptional natural beauty in Oaxtepec. The habitable spaces in this house are placed in a transparent area and awesome views of the surrounding nature can be enjoyed from this area.

Laptops have evolved into one of the most significant tools for increasing productivity. However, with so many new laptops being released each month, it is tough to pick the suitable one for your necessities. But don't worry: our roundup includes 12 laptops with a wide range of capabilities.

Although it is not as sexy as the growth of electric cars, the electrification phase in two wheels has also begun to wriggle. And since the high-end corporates still playing shadow on the market, some of the newly founded businesses are able to supply the Best Electric Motorcycles in 2021.