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The tech on this little electric car might look cute, but it can go on simply by swapping the batteries. The electric vehicle, dubbed City One, was developed and designed by a mobility startup from Munich called Adaptive City Mobility GmbH (ACM).

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Modular Concept

Praised by many, ACM City One has a cheap electric car concept to face the future of electric mobility. The small electric car is intended primarily for the fleet taxi, ride-hailing, rental, and commercial logistics markets, especially in urban areas.

The first interesting thing about the City One is its modular design so that it can be converted from a freight van to a passenger car in two steps.

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The City One is claimed to accommodate up to four passengers in a passenger configuration or can fit one European standard pallet in a van configuration.


In addition to the modular design, City One is also designed to run continuously without having to wait long for the car battery to charge. The EV is equipped with four packs of Lithium-ion batteries, each with 3s rolex air king mens 114210sso 36mm silver dial automatic a capacity of 2.5 kWh or 10 kWh in total which is located in the trunk.

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Uniquely, the City One battery pack only weighs 10.5 kilograms and is no bigger than a suitcase or laptop bag. The battery is claimed to be able to cover a distance of 240 kilometers and can be fully charged in 5 hours with the Power Charger.

But for those who want the car to continue, the empty City One battery can be exchanged for a full battery in just 3 minutes. More interestingly, ACM City One can also be equipped with a roof box that can contain spare batteries.

Acm City One 5

Price and Availability

Unfortunately, ACM has not provided information on the specifications of the electric motor used by City One. The EV had already made its first appearance at the IAA Mobility exhibition in Munich and is expected to hit the market with a price range of $12,000 to $18,000.

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