Atlis XT Pickup: everything you expect in a truck

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The latest pickup that is ready to enliven the universe of commercially friendly mini-vehicles, bearing the name of the Atlis XT. This vehicle offers an eye-catching display with the performance of electric motors boosted with a promising travel range.

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Obviously, its creator, Atlis Motor Vehicles, said XT was inspired by Mark Hanchett’s pickup enthusiast who juggled the heart of the runway from a diesel engine to an EV. The difference is that Atlis XT uses a bespoke skateboard-style modular platform that includes independent traction motors on each wheel and single-speed direct transmission.

Performance, capacity and electric range, Atlis guarantees different choices. Top speed is professed to be 120 mph, with 60 mph in only 5 seconds when unladen and 18 seconds with most extreme GCWR. Towing limit is guaranteed to be significant, however, it will rely upon the rendition chose, with 5,000-, 10,000-, 15,000-and 20,000-pound variants accessible.

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However, the manufacturer has not revealed the specifications of the electric motor installed on the XT but said the battery will be offered in a choice of 300 miles (482 km), 400 miles (643 km) and 500 miles (804 km).

The greatest perk is focused on 15-minute full charge, which Atlis says it has so far tried with little scale batteries. A 3-kWh test battery pack was charged fully in 13 minutes, yet time will truly advise if that is versatile to a full vehicle estimate battery. The full capacity of the final battery packs remains unstated.

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There will be no rearview mirrors, just cameras, and the company also plans for autonomous capabilities. The trucks will also offer accessory power packs for remote work locations. As well as remote heating and cooling, there will be electrically dimming cabin glass. Cabs will be offered in two- and four-door configuration and the renderings include the planned dashboard look. – Autoblog

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In addition to the environmentally friendly power source, the XT has a futuristic look, including a side glass type camera instead of traditional glass while inside it is equipped with a large touch screen that offers Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The car is planned to start entering the market in 2020, with a price tag starting at $ 45,000.


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