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Things are so easy to achieve and go around fast in the digital era, including books. At present time, many have started to move on to read e-paper, e-magz, and e-books through their smartphone or tablet device.

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The book format also switches from conventional physical forms in the form of paper to digital forms that can be read anytime and anywhere. Besides being easy and practical, digital documents do not need a special place for storage, so that it is efficient in space usage.

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The need for digitizing this document occurs in various agencies such as libraries, book collectors, schools, universities, and companies. However, the digitization process of books that is done by scanning is often constrained due to its thick shape, and the hassle of flipping through the book.

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Not only books, sometimes companies have documents that have been bound so that it is difficult to scan. Even if the scanning process is not done carefully, it can cause the book or document to be damaged.


The Revolution in Scanning

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Understanding this trouble, CZUR – SAM created a product called CZUR Aura that is equipped with the latest technology to produce high-quality image files and is supported by ease of operation.

The scanning process is easier, faster, without physically damaging books or documents. Users simply need to put the object to be scanned in the form of a book or bound document under the scanner camera and Aura will complete the scan process in just two seconds per page.

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Then this device will scan automatically and send the results to a computer that is already connected. The scan results can be JPG, PDF, Searchable PDF, Word, Excel, or TIFF files. This book scanner is also equipped with OCR (Optical Recognition Character) feature which is useful when searching for content and also composed in 187 languages.

With the software sophistication of this device, users simply open one page after another to automatically scan (auto scan), without the need to press a button. In addition, users can get a neat, straight scan, even if the book is scanned in a tilted or curved position.

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Curve Flattening technology automatically flattens the pages of a book during scanning, because in general the results of scanning a book close to the bookbinder will be bumpy or the writing will shrink.

CZur Aura is equipped with a 14 MP CMOS camera with a resolution of 4,320×3,240 pixels. Users can also choose the scan mode as needed. The scan results can automatically divide per page even though the book is scanned 2 pages at a time.

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In addition, with the default software, users can make an alteration to the settings, such as color, contrast, the layout of the page order, to automatically crop the background that is not needed. This smart scanner is priced at $ 259 through their Indiegogo campaign page.


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