Celtrix: the world’s smallest & powerful multifunctional device

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With the development of technology that is going on so fast, the need for peripherals devices is very important considering that smartphones are at the level of primary needs for many people. This is then becoming the initiative behind the engineers from Bangalore, India to make multi-functional devices that can become the ultimate peripheral device they called Celtrix.

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Celtrix is the smallest versatile device in the world. This device has speakers that can be used to listen to music. There is also a 6200mAh battery that can be used to charge other devices.

Celtrix also has 128GB of internal storage for storing data. The storage can still be upgraded with an SD Card up to 1TB. That way this device can be used to stream movies stored on the SD Card. There is also an option to use Wi-Fi to connect to a smartphone.

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Celtrix is available in two color choices, namely gray and white. This device also provides a slot for a SIM card and can be used as a portable hotspot device. Celtrix is compatible with Android and iOS through mobile applications.

Like the tagline suggested, Celtrix can connect with up 4 different devices at once and can be owned with prices starting at $ 99 via their Indiegogo page. The price can be categorized as a cheap choice since the device can act speaker, power bank, hard disk or any other storage device.

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Celtrix is the world’s smallest & powerful device with following distinguishable features:

  • Powerful stereo speakers
  • Built-in power bank (6200mAh)
  • 128GB Internal storage
  • Features additional sim module
  • SD Card expandable up to 1TB
  • Uses WIFI to connect with your phone
  • Available in Grey and White Colors
  • Celtrix is slim, small and lightweight
  • Make calls and messages easily
  • A key bunch size device that fits in your pocket

How it Works

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The Must Have Gadget

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