Bangna House: A Modern House with A Rectangular Plot and Two Zones

Bangna House 15

Completed by Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated in 2012, Bangna House is a modern house located in Bangkok. Sits on a 10 x 40 meters piece of land in a rectangular plot, this house is divided into two zones: a front zone and a back zone.


Bangna House 37

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Bangna House 29

The entrance of this house faces a narrow lane. At the back, there is a factory and storage at the back. These conditions make the house needs good space management. The plot is rectangular, forcing all rooms placed from the front to the back area.



Bangna House 30

Bangna House 31

Bangna House 32

Bangna House 24

Bangna House 25

Bangna House 26

Bangna House 27

There are two zones in this house: a front zone and a back zone.

An upstairs bedroom for the sister and a downstairs bedroom for the mother can be found in the front zone. The back zone contains an upstairs bedroom for the owner’s family and the downstairs shared space, including a bathroom, dining room, and kitchen.



Bangna House 18

Bangna House 19

Bangna House 20

Bangna House 21

Bangna House 22

Bangna House 23

Bangna House 14

On the lower level crossing the two zones, the living room gives the family a sense of comfort and belonging. There is a middle courtyard that provides indoor green space and privacy.

It is a house with an irregular shape, making it looks like a slice of Swiss cheese with many holes. With those holes, this house has a strange look but the house’s intake of natural light can be increased.


Bangna House Gallery

Photographer: Beer Singnoi

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