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The Comodo closet will have something to delight the fairies of the home who cannot stand bad smells in their home. In addition to being able to sanitize your shoes, Comodo can also serve as a pouf: you can sit on it to be more comfortable putting on your beautiful, freshly cleaned sneakers.

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Its name is inspired by the word “Cómodo”, meaning “practical” and “pleasant” in Spanish. Very well found for a piece of furniture as functional as it is designed. When it comes to the look, it’s designers Dot and Hyeona Cho who are behind it.

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They equipped it with state-of-the-art sanitation technology, in addition to imagining the concept and design. This technology notably allows your shoes to stay protected from moisture, and therefore from any bacterial and fungal build-up.

Besides, its modern design allows it to blend perfectly into the entrance to our homes; enough to eliminate that disturbing smell that emanates from your pairs of shoes while blending in with your interior decoration.

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The Comodo shoe cabinet is inspired by modern multifunctional, compact, and minimalist furniture. And if you can’t seem to shake off the odor permeated in your pair of shoes, that’s a good reason to take an interest in it.

Like most air purifiers, the Comodo shoe cabinet is equipped with a HEPTA filter. The UV lamp of which it is composed allows, in particular, very effective protection against germs and other bacteria.

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Among its more brilliant features, it consists of a flexible shoe shaft, which allows the user to be able to place their pairs however they want, drop them off and retrieve them with greater ease.

Finally, its touch screen offers the user a good number of possibilities not only for cleaning options but also for drying and UV perfume choices. The revolutionary invention will soon see the light of day and will undoubtedly be all the rage with consumers. 

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