Ford Mustang Lithium: an Ultra-High-Performance Battery Electric Mustang Fastback Prototype

Ford Mustang Lithium 6

Nowadays, in the era of small-powered-engined and fuel-efficient cars, cars with super-large power have become scarce. But Ford made an exception. Ford, in collaboration with Webasto, has just introduced a car called Mustang Lithium that packed quite a lot.

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The Ford Mustang Lithium is an electric car packing a Webasto’s 800-volt battery that combined with a six-speed manual transmission. The electric powertrain mounted on the Mustang Lithium produces more than 900 hp with torque reaches 1,355 Nm. The enormous power is delivered to the Getrag MT82 6 speed gearbox.


The 800 volts battery is twice the voltage found in most electric cars today. According to Ford, the solution allows the system to be lighter, stronger and generate less heat while providing more electrical power.

Ford Mustang Lithium 6

Aside from the battery, another feature from the Mustang Lithium is the driveline that combines the Ford Performance half-shafts and the Super 8.8 Torsen differential. This gigantic power is planted on the road through Forgeline wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires.

Other important features on the Mustang Lithium include the Brembo six-piston brakes from Shelby GT350R, the Sankuer Composite Technologies side-splitter, and rear diffuser, along with the Webasto hood with polycarbonate windows, TurboDX charging and TurboCord portable chargers.

Ford Mustang Lithium 7

Aside from the runway component, the body parts were also revamped. The Mustang Lithium stands lower and sleeker and features special carbon fiber body components. The Ford Mustang has a 1-inch flatter position compared to the other car in the market.

Ford Mustang Lithium 2

The car was first introduced at SEMA in Las Vegas, United States. The US manufacturer claims that the Mustang Lithium was built not only to demonstrate electrification with the world’s best-selling sports car but also functioned as a testbed for battery and thermal management technology made by Webasto and Ford for the e-mobility segment.

Ford Mustang Lithium 3

The unique driving mode used by Mustang Lithium to apply a controlled amount of torque to various driving scenarios. There are Valet, Sport, Track and Beast modes, accessible from the 10.4-inch touchscreen in-dash screen.

Ford Mustang Lithium 4

Ford has not revealed the performance figures or the travel capacity of this Mustang Lithium battery. The carmaker claims that the EV study was conducted to measure customer interest in electric power train that would become a trend in the future.

Ford Mustang Lithium 5

The Mustang  Lithium is actually inspired by a car called Mach 1, which is scheduled to launch on November 17th. The EV crossover will be made in Mexico. Ford is reportedly building a special business unit to develop electric cars in Corktown, Detroit at a cost of around $ 740 million.

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