Galaxy SmartTag+: The Smartest Way to Find Lost Items

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Samsung has officially introduced the Galaxy SmartTag +. The smart pendant is equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to allow more accurate localization than previous models.


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How Does It Work?

Galaxy SmartTag + is the latest addition to the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag model range of smart pendants. It can be attached to any object, such as a backpack or keys, and then reliably and easily found using SmartThings Find on a Galaxy mobile device.

As mentioned before, the Galaxy SmartTag + equipment includes both Bluetooth in the BLE version and ultra-wideband (UWB) technology.

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Thanks to it, it is possible to use the augmented reality (AR) system to search for a lost object. The AR Finder function is used for this, which simply guides the user to the searched object on the display of a smartphone with UWB support.

The display shows the distance to the object you are looking for and an arrow in the direction you want to search. In addition, if you get close enough to the object, the pendant may ring loudly, so you will find the thing even if it is tucked under the couch, for example.

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The advantages of the Galaxy SmartTag + pendant are perfectly complemented by the capabilities of the advanced SmartThings Find application – a lost object can be located on a map even if it is far from you.

Thanks to Bluetooth LE, the pendant can be connected to any device belonging to the Galaxy ecosystem, so owners of other devices in this series can help you with the search.

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When you report a tag loss in SmartThings Find, any Galaxy device that has SmartThings turned on can locate it, and you will receive location messages. Of course, all data is encrypted and protected, so only you and no one else will know the position of the tag.


Price and Availability

The Galaxy SmartTag + will be available in Europe starting early this Summer in grey and black. The recommended retail price was set at € 39,90.

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