Viritech Apricale: The Most Effective Way to Demonstrate Hydrogen’s Advantages Over Batteries

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UK-based startup company Viritech Ltd has introduced a hydrogen hypercar concept called Viritech Apricale.

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Apart from developing the Apricale hypercar, Viritech is also developing a hydrogen-powered SUV called Tellaro and a semi-truck dubbed Jovian.



In fact, it’s still a hypothetical concept since Viritech hasn’t released the full specifications of the Apricale yet. However, Viritech claims the Apricale is ready to “compete with the world’s fastest battery hypercar.”

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With these claims, Apricale will have to be able to have a power of around 1,000 hp and a speed of more than 325 km/hour.

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Patent-Pending Technology

Viritech is currently patenting and developing a new hydrogen storage tank technology. No longer a conventional tank, the Viritech storage tank will be integrated into the structure of the chassis.

The technology is also claimed to be able to reduce the weight of the hypercar. Viritech claims the tank technology will be lighter and simpler than conventional hydrogen tanks or even batteries.

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As for the development of the Apricale, Viritech is collaborating with the automotive company Horiba MIRA and will start development this year. Viritech also targets to produce 25 Apricale units and will be available in 2023.

Meanwhile, the Apricale powertrain will be developed at MIRA Technology Park, Nuneaton, England. The first prototype of Viritech  Apricale will arrive in 2022.

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Viritech uses Apricale as an example of how this company could become a hydrogen powertrain supplier. Of course, this company plans to sell storage tanks, control units, and powertrains to all transportation, automotive, marine, and even aviation sectors.

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